Modern House Plans

Plan 1772TD For Sale  Comfortable and Affordable  Passive Solar Homes   Energy Efficient Home

1 Set of 1772TD Modern House Plan



Modern House Plans     

Plan 1906TD For Sale   Comfortable and Affordable    Eco Friendly Homes     Green House Plans




 Modern House Plans     

Plan 2188TU For Sale  Comfortable and Affordable Energy Efficient Home Designer House Plans 



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Green Home House Plans

If you are searching for the right design in an energy efficient home plan, a solar home plan, a sustainable home plan, a green home plan, a zero energy home plan, or all of the above with style and comfort, that is our specialty.

  • Healthy indoor air quality - Controlled ventilation design
  • Energy-efficient construction - Proven through years of experience
  • New heating and cooling technology - Optional alternative energy systems
  • Affordable building components for your supreme, green home
  • Passive-solar and earth-sheltered designs
    • SunTerra Homes, Incorporated is the parent company for designing and building these green home designs in Montana and Oregon for the past 30 years. These energy efficient homes have proven themselves through actual performance and home owner satisfaction.

      Now offered to you, the most comfortable, healthy and secure home you will ever live in!  



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      SunTerra Homes Presents

      Our "How Green Should You Be?" videos to help you evaluate the true value of building an energy efficient, sustainable, passive solar home.

      Please enjoy our gallery of homes depicting energy efficient features and space saving, open floor plans with style.

      We will show you the profitable, financial and environmental benefits of building a SunTerra hybrid home.