About SunTerra House Plans

SunTerra Homes is a design/construction business located in Bend, Oregon committed to cost-effective, energy-efficient construction since 1975. SunTerra's mission is to provide a complete service to our clients beginning with help in evaluating their property before or after purchase as a free courtesy, putting their home dreams on blueprints, building their home within their budget and standing behind our product with service and care. SunTerra also provides a plan and information service for people outside our service area so they can duplicate the construction of a SunTerra home successfully. The SunTerra Home award-winning design concept has evolved over the last twenty years while designing and building homes throughout the northwestern United States. We focus on occupant comfort, less home maintenance, health, design aesthetics, and market value in applying conservation to our clients' homes. Sunterra offers third-party certification of the energy-saving and environmental features through ENERGY STAR Homes and Earth Advantage. We select only the construction elements and energy conservation equipment that truly save our clients money.

Energy Savings Buys More Home

In most cases, you acquire a more valuable home at less annual expense. As utility rates increase, your savings increase.

Client Satisfaction

“Sunterra’s policy of total communication, honesty, and quality left me feeling so positive about the experience and about the friendships I feel I formed with their entire team, that I don’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone. I feel I received more house for the money than I would have with any other builder in Bend, and I know I can go back to SunTerra and receive the same courteous attention I have had since I began working with them. They truly are Master Builders!” (Falxa, Bend OR)

“I met Jim at a previous Tour of Homes and liked the fact that Jim was easy to get in touch with. I am really happy that Jim talked me into a second floor outside deck. I like to sit in my swing and enjoy the view.” (Jackson, Bend, OR)

“We feel like we have a life-long commitment from Sunterra Homes, and this provides us with a good feeling of security regarding our home. ...Also, the subcontractors appeared to be of excellent personal quality and integrity. The work site remained clean, and at all stages the construction was professionally done. Sunterra works very hard to insure quality work at a competitive price. The personal commitment and integrity of all of the Sunterra Homes employees is very special. And so I am pleased to offer my highest recommendation to Sunterra Homes.” (Sager, Bend OR)

Professional Certificates & Memberships

  • Designing and building homes since 1975
  • Past member of Energy Efficient Building Association
  • Past participant in the Canadian R-2000 Program - "Cold climate research program"
  • Publisher of national magazines, construction manuals, and instructive videos addressing new construction technologies and conservation
  • Recipient of the State of Montana Governor's citation for meritorious service to the state
  • Member of the National Association of Home Builders and Central Oregon Builders Association
  • Recipient of the "Oregon Master Builder Certificate" through examination by the Oregon Building Codes Division
  • Earth Advantage Building Program
  • EnergyStar Building Program
  • Recipient of "Residential Construction Superintendent" designation
  • Oregon Home Builders Association Board of Director

Our Mission

To design award-winning, earth-friendly homes, that have a lower cost of ownership, homes that surpass our customers’ expectations, and provide a higher standard of living and security for their future.

Our Method

SunTerra is able to apply proven, valuable experience to achieve a true, energy-efficient home design. We provide with our plans a 122-page Conservation Guide passing to you our years of research and knowledge so you can duplicate the construction aspects that won Sunterra the National Green Builder of the Year and first place Energy Value awards from the National Association of Home Builders in 2006.

Our Statement

We welcome the opportunity to furnish you home plans and information helping you to be successful, satisfied, and rewarded with your choice of a new custom, supreme, green home.


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