Design Services

SunTerra Homes Inc., the parent company of SunTerra House Plans, is a design and construction business. We typically design our client’s home from the ground up. If you choose our design service to modify one of our green-home designs featured on this web site, or to create a new, custom, energy-efficient home design, you need to furnish the following information.

Modification to Existing Plans Procedure

  1. Purchase the SunTerra Home design package that closely meets your needs. Please review the Conservation Guide before making revisions to the Plan. This guide will illustrate passive solar, ventilation, earth sheltering, etc. parameters to help you through revision decisions.
  2. Copy a set of the plans from the original plan you received. Mark up this copy of plans with desired changes. Add any other reference materials that will help illustrate these revisions; i.e. pictures, sketches, magazine articles. Write down your instructions to us A to Z as descriptive and simple as you can.
  3. Make a copy of all this information retaining your set and send the other to SunTerra Homes Inc. at 3520 N. Hwy. 97 Bend, OR 97701. Include your contact information:
    • Day and evening phone numbers / fax number
    • Email address
    • Return mailing
  4. SunTerra will review your request and send a written proposal for the cost of modifications. You will be sent a design contract indicating scope of work requested and fee required to complete plus estimate of time to finish.
  5. At acceptance by you of terms of this agreement, SunTerra will require 50% of funds to start and remainder of funds at project completion.

New Custom Green Home Design Procedure

  1. Purchase our conservation guide so that you can review the energy saving design concepts and building features incorporated into SunTerra custom green homes. This is needed to help you evaluate choices and answer the questionnaire you will receive prior to beginning your energy efficient home design.
  2. After reviewing the Conservation Guide, request a custom green-home contract. This contract will state fee schedule and conditions for preliminary home design through complete construction documents. You will also receive a very comprehensive questionnaire to obtain the information needed to design the home you envision. We also request a good faith deposit of $250.00 at this time that will be credited toward the future design expense.
  3. Return the completed questionnaire. This will take commitment on your part to thoroughly communicate your desires to SunTerra.
  4. After receiving your information that is necessary for the design process to begin and the design retainer deposit, it will take 4 to 10 weeks, depending on complexity, to complete your project. You will be provided finished construction documents.
  5. The complete cost of our custom green home design to our clients is $3.50 to $5.00 per square foot of conditioned space that includes: Foundation plan, Floor plan of each level, Roof plan, Elevation of each side, Mechanical/Electrical plan and details as required. You will receive your plan copied on erasable vellums and compact disc. This gives you the ability to make minor changes or additions if needed by you or your building department. You will be responsible to have a local designer draw your site plan or do this yourself.