Green Home Plan Design Concepts

What motivates people today when making decisions about their new home? Does it cost more money to make wise choices for the future? Are there solutions that pay dividends?

Does the news of increasing energy cost, pollution, global warming, or future energy shortages influence our choice of a new home?

If you’re planning to design and build a home in the future, energy conservation techniques should be incorporated. SunTerra plans have open design concepts with multiple uses of space, and no wasteful halls and corners. Our plans are energy-efficient, green, passive solar, and can incorporate zero-energy design concepts.

Let’s explore several basic design considerations that make a SunTerra home a more energy efficient home without sacrificing comfort, affordability, and resaleability.

Modern Home/Contemporary Home

Energy Efficient Home Plan Design Concept

Green Home Plan Design Concept

Solar Home Plan Design Concept

Zero-Energy Home Plan Design Concept

Green Home Design Concepts