Bungalow Green House Plans

The Bungalow style lends itself well to the energy efficient home trend. The name “Bungalow” had its origin in India, where it indicated a small home. Smaller is the first step in resource efficiency. Smaller reduces heat loss. SunTerra uses its design experiences to optimize use of space with open floor plans and multiple use of rooms.

Bungalows can be a good style for a  passive solar home. By designing them with solar exposures, proper over hangs for seasonal shading and the correct choice and amount of south glass, you will reduce your heating cost up to a third. These rectangular one and one-half story houses with low-pitched gables or hipped roofs are a great platform for a green home plan. Add slab-on-grade construction and earth sheltering, include radiant floor heating, foam insulation with heat recovery ventalation, air to water heat pump, and you have a supreme green home.

Bungalow Plan 1154TU

Bungalow Plan 1520SL

Bungalow Plan 1611SL