Lodge Green House Plans

A lodge home evokes thoughts of being on vacation, living among the trees, being relaxing, and natural.  It is also becoming natural to build an energy-efficient home in these times. Natural also reminds one of recycled materials and FSC “Forest Stewardship Certified” lumber, both components of a green home.

The lodge style home can also be a solar home with proper design if the site allows for enough solar energy to hit the south wall and roof of the home. The lodge home does not need to be built in the forest to bring the rustic feel within the home for your enjoyment. A lodge home may appeal to individuals in a cooler climate where conservation is even more valuable. Add radiant floor heating, foam insulation, efficient heating equipment, air to air heat exchanger, active solar, and you get a very energy-efficient home.

Lodge Plan 1813TD

Lodge Plan 2374TD

Lodge Plan 2408TD

Lodge Plan 3408RL