Mediterranean Green House Plans

Mediterranean style homes tend to have open floor plans with high ceilings, creating a large feel in a smaller home. Larger is not better for energy-efficient home design. Mediterranean designs originated in the southern latitude with large overhangs over outdoor spaces, arched doorways, courtyards, and  typically a single level.

We can take these desired features and incorporate them into a passive-solar home in our northern region with creative design. Let’s put that courtyard and plants into a south- facing solarium off your living space for year round use. To the solarium, add a spa and with a blower move the solar-heated air to the north area of the home, storing warmth for the night to approach. Build with slab-on-grade construction for earth sheltering and radiant floor heating. Add an air-to-water heat pump, foam insulation, air-to-air heat exchanger for healthy ventilation, active solar, and you will build a supreme green home.

Mediterranean Plan 1997SL

Mediterranean Plan 2189TU

Mediterranean Plan 2269SL

Mediterranean Plan 2380SL

Mediterranean Plan 3168DB