Prairie Green House Plans

Frank Lloyd Wright in 1893 designed the first Prairie style home. The prairie style's combination of a shallow-pitched roof with wide eaves controls the sun's penetration into the home to keep a solar home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  The flatter roof pitch reduces interior volume which improves the energy efficiency of this home design.

Wright also would conform the home to the land topography creating earth berms to blend the home to the landscape. This reduces the home's exposure to wind and cold air and improves its insulation value. Today we call this an earth sheltered home. 

Whether Frank Lloyd Wright foresaw today's needs for an energy efficient home design or not, his prairie design concept is very appropriate. Add slab-on or below-grade construction with radiant heated floors, an air-to-air heat exchanger for healthy ventilation, and active solar to a home and you will have a superior green home or even a net zero energy home.

Prairie Plan 1798TD

Prairie Plan 1958SE

Prairie Plan 2081SL

Prairie Plan 2316SL

Prairie Plan 2600SL