Rustic Home Green House Plans

A Rustic home design is a rebirth of the past. Returning to the function without sophistication, a sense of comfort without formality. Can we apply this to a green home? Sunterra has learned how to use green materials like fiber cement siding and make them look Rustic as illustrated in the conservation guide you receive with our plans.

As you review the interiors of our designs you will also see a rustic element; i.e., log railings, wood ceilings, natural trim, etc. Use your creativity to incorporate re-claimed materials to bring the Rustic look. Some of our clients incorporate decorative stained, heated concrete floors. A good heat sink for a passive solar home and a great method of heating in an energy efficient home.

Add foam insulation, air-to-air heat exchanger for healthy air quality ventilation. Look at air-to-water heat pumps, active solar and add valuable technology to your Rustic home.

Rustic Plan 1775SE

Rustic Plan 2149TD

Rustic Plan 2747RL